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Over the last few years I’ve become convinced that we need to share more stories around security and compliance so that people can both have a less stressful work environment and do a better job of safeguarding data. That is why I created the Safety at Speed Podcast.

The show is meant to collect stories, lessons learned, and ideas for how to cope with regulatory demands for privacy, security, and compliance in DevOps without being miserable or preventing innovation.

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    Nishi Davidson of SAP Labs on the adoption of Kubernetes

    At KubeCon 2016, Elliott had a moment to speak with SAP Labs' Nishi Davidson about some of the driving principles behind large-scale adoption of Kubernetes at SAP. Ecosystem partnerships tend to spring organically when thought-leading organizations agree that the same set of problems needs to be solved. As Nishi points out, secure, orchestrated service scaling is definitely one of those problems.

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    Brandon O'Larey on security for small businesses

    In this edition of the Safety SB Podcast we talk to Brandon O'Larey, the Director and Editor of FRANK. As the Director of a small business – and one that relies heavily upon digital data – Brandon is in an excellent position to discuss the security challenges facing small businesses today. Brandon told a few stories about the problems he has come across, and lessons he learned along the way. Below are a few of the questions we presented to Brandon during our conversation.